Knitting inspiration

This time of year I usually am obsessed over knitting and crocheting. I have been a bit distracted this year, but I think I’m starting to feel the “knitting itch” and my Pinterest feed have already gotten me really inspired.

Just check it out:

Unfortunately not a tutorial or pattern, but really pretty Sold at Etsy ($).

Super cute bow ties, and a tutorial by Oddknit.

A good pattern to follow if you haven’t knitted socks before. I made my first pair last year from this pattern, Arne & Carlos are great!

I just have to throw in another pair of socks they’ve made. I love the pattern, by Arne & Carlos.

A really foxy pair of socks, pattern available at ravelry ($). Pretty!

Funny simple and cute, available for free at Ravelry.

I’m not sure if it’s the colour of the socks, but I really like the simple design of these socks from Deborah Kemball.

I really like the colours in this pattern, by The Daily Skein.

I’ve also seen some nice patterns for multicolorknitting, but I think I need to fin thinner yarn to be able to pull it of. Really pretty though.







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